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Delivering Sophisticated Extended Shelf Life Packaging Technologies to Support Growth Markets

TruStar is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of multilayer flexible packaging films and premade pouches. In addition, we design rigid trays and partner with strategic manufacturers to deliver lidding films that hermetically seal to trays. Our product lines also include custom packaging equipment for modified atmosphere packaging applications. The founders of TruStar bring years of experience in packaging perishable foods, pharmaceutical items, personal healthcare products and other goods.

Flexible Films and Pouches
In-House Development and Manufacturing

Premium Digital Printing

Multi Layer Laminating

Precision Slitting

Pouch Making

Complimentary Products and Services

We Provide Sophisticated Technology To Deliver Safe and Consistent Quality

Research & Development

TruStar delivers full design,  engineering, prototyping, and commercialization services. 30 plus years of experience from company principals with over 40 patents in modified atmosphere packaging in both equipment and materials.

Custom Packaging Equipment

Custom designed equipment and interfaces for modified atmosphere packaging formats including pouch/bag lines, tray sealing and jar lines.

Thermoformed Trays

In house design and prototyping of trays for extended shelf packaging. Partnering with leading thermoformers to produce small, medium and larger volumes.

Serving Various Markets

Markets and Applications

Our versatile flexible packaging products find applications across a wide spectrum of industries. Whether it’s snack food items, agricultural products, pharmaceutical products, or coffee beans, we possess the expertise to assist customers in identifying the most suitable packaging solutions tailored to their specific market needs. Finding them a cost-effective, customizable, and sustainable packaging solution that caters to a diverse range of industries.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes the TruStar technology is new to the cannabis industry, It is based on core technologies that were successfully commercialized by the TruStar founders in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It incorporates processes, designs and materials.

No, we use nitrogen to displace oxygen in the package without the use of abusive vacuum to create an environment that minimizes biochemical reactions. TruStar high barrier packaging materials are then used to keep oxygen and moisture transmission to a bare minimum. This creates a modified or controlled atmosphere inside the package that safely extends the freshness of the bud, flower or edible.

Yes, the TruStar equipment can run a range of sizes from small single use 1.5 gram pouches to large 1 pound bags made for industrial applications. The equipment can be adjusted. The output varies depending on size of package and loading speed but can range from 15 to 40 packages per minute.

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