Integrated Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems and Materials

Enhanced Safety and Quality

Who We Are

Delivering Sophisticated Technologies to Growth Markets

TruStar develops and supplies advanced packaging systems and packing materials for bulk applications as well as retail ready formats. The systems include equipment with proprietary TruStar technologies as well as packaging materials designed with oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier properties. Modified atmosphere packaging developed by TruStar is offered for large and small format bags, trays, jars and composite cans. Child resistant features are also offered.

Our Products

High Spec Bulk Packaging Systems & Recyclable Bags

Rigid Trays with Hermetically Sealed Films

Proprietary PrimaPak Automated System to Produce Cubed Packages from Rollstock

Fully Automated Child Resistant Pouch Form-Fill-Seal System and Rollstock

Our services

We Provide Sophisticated Technology To Deliver Safe and Consistent Quality

Research & Development

TruStar delivers full design,  engineering, prototyping, and commercialization services. 30 plus years of experience from company principals with over 40 patents in modified atmosphere packaging in both equipment and materials.

Custom Packaging Equipment

Capable of delivering high specification modified atmosphere equipment for multiple packaging formats including flexible film, thermoformed trays, glass jars, plastic bottles, etc.

Child Resistant Packaging Materials

Proprietary multi-layer flexible films, pre-made pouches and trays for high barrier packaging made in North America. Child resistant multi-use packaging designs, single use and bulk packaging formats. Recycle Ready and Sustainable designs available.


Over 90 years of combined experience in delivering cutting edge technologies to safely package perishable goods

James Sanfilippo

30+ years in the packaging industry hatching, incubating and growing 5 successful businesses. Holds over 100 US and Foreign Patents.

Roman Forowycz

30+ years of experience with MAP and CAP to extend shelf life of perishable goods. Broad experience with flexible and rigid packaging materials, equipment, product development services.

John Sanfilippo

30+ years in the packaging industry. Leading engineer and innovator of a broad range of MAP/CAP equipment for pharmaceuticals and food.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes the TruStar technology is new to the cannabis industry, It is based on core technologies that were successfully commercialized by the TruStar founders in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It incorporates processes, designs and materials.

No, we use nitrogen to displace oxygen in the package without the use of abusive vacuum to create an environment that minimizes biochemical reactions. TruStar high barrier packaging materials are then used to keep oxygen and moisture transmission to a bare minimum. This creates a modified or controlled atmosphere inside the package that safely extends the freshness of the bud, flower or edible.

Yes, the TruStar equipment can run a range of sizes from small single use 1.5 gram pouches to large 1 pound bags made for industrial applications. The equipment can be adjusted. The output varies depending on size of package and loading speed but can range from 15 to 40 packages per minute.

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